Shenzhen YF Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen YF Technology Co., Ltd.
As an experienced silicone products company and silicone products supplier, our products are widely used in mother and baby, home, pet, beauty, medical and other industries. Because silicone raw material has the characteristics of heat / cold resistance, not easy to break, easy to clean and bright colors, it is deeply loved by customers in terms of mother, baby and home. At the same time, silicone materials are environmentally friendly and safe, can reach the medical level, and are also widely used in the field of medical treatment and personal care.
Shenzhen Yingfei Technology Co., Ltd. assists customers from design concept to prototyping, production, testing and delivery. Our expert team focuses on providing customers with customisation solutions for silicone products—the material, process, production mode, etc. We will help customers find the best solution. The cooperation projects cover silicone maternal and infant products, silicone kitchenware, silicone PET accessories, outdoor sports, silicone personal care, medical healthcare, electronics, maternal and Infant and other fields.
  • ODM/OEM Silicone Products Capability
    ODM/OEM Silicone Products Capability OEM Silicone Products Capability
    We work with customers no matter the silicone product complete specifications or just a preliminary development plan. Our team of engineers will assist you in developing a clear understanding of your requirements and help you make the important decisions that will speed your design to mass production.
About YF Technology

Shenzhen Yingfei Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focusing on silicone products. As a professional silicone products manufacture and supplier, YF provides diversified silicone products mainly including silicone mother and baby products, silicone pet products, silicone kitchen products and so on.

The founder of the company is a mother who loves life very much, so there is a strict process in the selection of raw materials and the production of products to ensure the quality of products.

Yingfei Technology Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services, from drawing production, mold production, to product production, packaging and transportation. In addition to CNC machine, EDM, molding machine and liquid machine, the company also has three engineers who have worked for more than ten years. The company's skilled staff accounted for 85%. Generally, the defective rate of products is controlled at about 2% - 3%. While providing professional services for customers, it also helps customers save costs.

About YF Technology
About YF Technology

Yingfei Focus on OEM silicone production over 10 years. Wholeheartedly provide you with the best quality products and services. 

  • Focus on OEM

    Customize silicone products;

    Customize silicone with plastic products;

    Customize silicone with metal products;

    Customize silicone with fabric products.

  • Mass Production

    Compression and LIM for mass production, which way depends on customer's needs and special demands.

  • High Quality

    Adopt 5 levels of quality control system. Test raw silicone material, semi-finished products, end products, ensure the product qualified rate reach 99%.

  • Environmental Certification

    100% silicone raw material. Products comply with FDA, LEGB, Rohs.

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