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Are silicone bibs worth it?

Here are three common baby bibs: full silicone bib, waterproof cloth bib, and waterproof cloth+silicone splicing bib. These three types of bibs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and there are many practical chicken rib brands under each style.

This Bumkins bib is a waterproof cloth bib, the waterproof cloth bib is made of polyester fabric on the surface and a waterproof film on the back. The biggest advantage of this bib is that it is very thin! Moreover, it should be the lightest and thinnest bib of the same category (waterproof cloth). It has little weight in the hand and has no feeling when worn on the neck. It is very suitable for small month-old babies.

Despite its thin layer, the waterproof effect is very good. Even if the soup is sprinkled on it, it will not seep down, and it will soon dry after being washed.

This bib also has a relatively large area and can be protected on both sides of the shoulder. Sometimes the baby will not rub his head against the clothes when eating back and forth.

However, the disadvantage of this waterproof cloth bib is that the pocket slot is not very practical, because it is very soft and can not be shaped, it is difficult to hold food, and it is not suitable for babies to eat independently.

OXO is a patchwork bib made of tarpaulin and silicone. In terms of design, this bib combines the advantages of the first two bibs. Compared with the silicone bib, it is easier to be accepted by the baby, because the neck will be more comfortable, unlike the obvious foreign body feeling of the silicone bib, and compared with the waterproof cloth bib, it has a very practical pocket slot, which can hold the baby's falling food.

Generally speaking, this patchwork bib is lighter than the ordinary silicone bib, and its neck can fit the baby's neck very well, without leakage of food and soup.

This design is really practical, but it still has some small disadvantages.

One is that the top half of the tarpaulin is thick, and it must be dried in a ventilated environment after each cleaning, otherwise, it is prone to odor and even mold. Another is that this bib is actually quite heavy, and it is about the same weight as Marcus's, and it is not suitable for a small month-old treasure.

Silicone bibs have many advantages: strong and durable, good bearing capacity, no deformation, easy cleaning, and no odor.

However, it also has two obvious disadvantages: one is that its weight is relatively heavy, and it is not suitable for small month-old babies (it is recommended for babies over 1 year old), and some older babies will also refuse to use it because of the foreign body sensation in the neck; On the other hand, the neck of this silicone bib is not fit enough, and it is easy to leak food and soup from the hole in the neck when eating.


A silicone bib is made of soft silicone material. It will be highly accepted by babies, and its weight is moderate. It is not a heavy silicone bib, but it has a good bearing capacity. The pocket slot below is large and can receive a lot of food. In addition, silicone bibs have great advantages on rainy days. They don't need to be dried. They can be used after washing with paper towels!

Silicone bib, you deserve it.

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