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Are silicone dinner plates practical?

The silicone dinner plate is made of food-grade silicone material. Many people will ask: Are silicone dinner plates suitable for babies? Are silicone dinner plates practical?


The suction cup is strongly adsorbed, not easy to overturn, and it is more labor-saving for mothers to clean

The silicone dinner plate overcomes the defect that the child's dinner plate is not firmly fixed and is easily knocked over. The large-area suction cup has strong adsorption, which can firmly fix the dinner plate on the dining table and can fit the large and small dining chairs.


Before eating, put the baby into the dining table and chair, and fix the plate. No matter how naughty children are, they can't shake the firm "rice bowl", and it is easier for mothers to clean up. This is the unique charm of a silicone plate, which is used by many mothers. All said later.


Divided meals, scientific ratio, one click to meet the baby's nutritional needs

As babies get older, their nutritional needs become more diverse. When using an ordinary plate to eat, in order to make the baby's dishes more abundant, the mother needs to keep adding vegetables to the baby. After a meal, it was like a running water table, the mother was "miserable", and the child was still very impatient.

The one-piece silicone plate with three or four compartments has a large capacity, balanced nutrition, and not picky eaters. Rice, fruits, and stir-fried vegetables can be placed separately, and one meal can meet all the nutritional needs of children. The scientific ratio can meet the food intake of babies from 6 months to 6 years old. No matter how full you are, your child will eat more deliciously.


Refrigeration and microwave are suitable

For families with cute babies, taking the baby out is a big deal, and food and clothing must be prepared. As one kind of wholesale silicone baby product, the all-in-one silicone compartment dinner plate can be used as a dinner plate or a small lunch box. Close the plate cover, dustproof and heat preservation, with the function of locking freshness, easy to carry, can travel far in the bag and can be refrigerated.


When the baby is eating, the mother can take out the lunch box at any time, microwave the small fire for no more than 4 minutes, and the baby's food can be served on the table. It is simple and convenient, and it is safer to eat with the food.


The silicone dinner plate is not easy to leave stains, has high-temperature resistance, and can be sterilized at high temperatures such as boiling and steaming, freeing mother's hands.