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Are silicone kitchen utensils safe?

Silicone cutlery is still unfamiliar in the atrium, and many families still use traditional cutlery. In fact, silicone tableware has entered our lives, but many people are skeptical about this emerging product, is silicone tableware safe?


Features of silicone kitchen utensils

As a new type of silicone kitchen utensils, silicone cutlery has a non-stick coating that is soft and will not damage the pan. Therefore, it is widely used in a wide range. Compared to plastic tableware that is not heat-resistant, silicone tableware can withstand high temperatures and retain its original shape. In the future, this new type of silicone cutlery may replace traditional iron cookware and be accepted by consumers everywhere.


The use of silicone tableware is very common in Europe and the United States, and kitchen utensils are basically made of silicone. Why do foreigners use silicone tableware that comes into contact with food with such confidence? Of course, this is related to silicone kitchen mat suppliers complete product inspection standards, all silicone tableware must meet their relevant food grade testing standards, such as US FDA standards. In my country, due to market irregularities, there are many loopholes, and a large number of substandard products flow into the market, which intensifies the fear of consumers.

Here we will share some knowledge about silicone tableware, in fact, silicone is a synthetic rubber that combines silicon with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. Silicone is an industry term that includes many categories. Silicon is a ubiquitous natural element that we often come into contact with. The pacifiers and pressure cooker seals used on everyday baby bottles are actually silicone, but they are food grade silicone.


Are silicone tableware toxic after high temperature?

Silica gel is particularly stable and particularly resistant to high and low temperatures. Such as our silicone pastry mat wholesale, it can be heated in the microwave without deforming or releasing toxic substances. It can also be kept in the refrigerator! The texture of silicone is closer to the human skin, and it is non-toxic and tasteless, so the children's pacifier is also made of silicone, the high-quality silicone has automatic disinfection function, no pollution, and easy to clean. Silicone cutlery is now used in many stylish homes because it can be fully cooked in the microwave, saving time and effort.