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Factors To Consider When Customizing Silicone Teething Products For Children

When customizing silicone teething products for children, there are several issues to consider.

This article focuses on teething products as an example and highlights important considerations when customizing silicone products for infants. We hope this information is helpful. If you have any custom silicone baby product needs, you can contact our company, Shenzhen Yingfei Technology Co., Ltd., the professional silicone baby spoon manufacturer, for consultation.

0-3 years old children's products are highly valued by modern young families. With the improvement of living standards, many new and innovative products are becoming more attractive and practical compared to children's daily necessities from decades ago. Silicone material, as the preferred material for skin contact and infants, provides novel products and safety performance that reassure consumers.

In recent years, the mother and baby market has experienced significant growth and increased competition. Customizing silicone teething products has become the norm for many brands. Almost every brand includes teething toys in their product lineup. So, for both established and emerging brands or developers, do you know what issues to consider when ordering teething products?

Safety is the top priority for infant products, and the safety performance of silicone teething products is of utmost importance to consumers. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the materials. Typically, silicone baby teethers are made from pure food-grade silicone without any other mixed materials. So, one thing you need to be aware of is whether your silicone material is genuine and whether it has been mixed with ordinary rubber. This requires careful identification.

Next is the production process. Finding a high-quality food-grade silicone manufacturer can help you solve many product complaints and quality issues. During the production process, it is necessary to understand the factory scale, workshop environment, and employee operating procedures of the silicone product manufacturer. Pay attention to issues such as the occurrence of black spots, impurities, and inconsistent product quality, such as hardness deviation and color discrepancy in each batch. Also, consider issues like products becoming too soft or brittle over time. What's more, if you have any needs for wholesale silicone products, please contact us for more information.

Quality control (QC) testing after production is crucial. Teething products are considered food-grade materials, so it is important to address issues such as flash and burrs during post-processing. Check if the product has sharp edges or misaligned parts that may harm a child.

Product design and mold-related issues are also important considerations. Poor design in the early stages can lead to difficulties in demolding or safety issues such as choking hazards for infants. Therefore, when customizing silicone teething products, it is essential to ensure the product's structure is reasonable and acceptable in the market.

Packaging in the post-processing stage is also a noteworthy issue. Many products fail to meet packaging standards set by quality regulatory agencies. For example, the safety of packaging materials and the rationality of packaging design, such as closures, need to be considered.

These are some production-related issues regarding silicone teething products. Therefore, when choosing a silicone product manufacturer, it is important to ensure product reliability from the source materials to the production process and post-processing.