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Function of the Duckbill Valve of the Breast Pump

Silicone Duckbill Valve is a small gasket which act as backflow prevention devices or one-way valves or check valves. The shape is similar to the duckbill, so called duckbill valve. Under the condition of no internal pressure, the outlet of the duckbill valve silicone closed under its own elastic action.

Silicone Duckbill Valve Functions

The breast pump is the best product for sucking milk. It has a very good effect on absorbing breast milk. However, we should pay attention to the accessories of the breast pump everyday. For example, the duckbill valve of the breast pump is one of them. What is the function of the duckbill valve of the breast pump?

Each part of the breast pump has its own function, and the massage pad of the duckbill valve and the bell mouth has an impact on the suction. Even if the breast pump is not installed in place, the suction will be affected. If the duckbill valve is lost or worn, there will be no suction and no milk suction. It is these accessories that make the breast pump very effective.

Function of Silicone Duckbill Valve

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