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How to Choose a Breast Pump

Many moms ask when they stock up during pregnancy, whether they should buy an electric breast pump or not, and whether it will be idle if they buy it. Medela and Spectra, these two popular breast pump brands, which one is better? Many people feel dizzy when choosing. Now let our silicone breast pump supplier analyze it for you:

First of all, an electric breast pump is absolutely useful, absolutely useful, absolutely useful! The breast pump should be electric! Manual pumping is very tiring, and during the postpartum recovery period, taking care of the baby itself is already tiring enough. If you manually pump several times a day, you can imagine how tiring it is! Electric breast pumps are labor-saving, time-saving, and worth having!

The breast pump, as a product, cannot simply be judged as good or bad, nor can it be assumed that more expensive ones are always better. We need to understand some basic knowledge about breast pumps and choose the one that suits our own needs, which is the best choice.

Firstly, the working principles of breast pumps can be divided into diaphragm-type and piston-type. The diaphragm-type works through simple repeated squeezing and does not have a separate milk ejection function. If you want to stimulate milk ejection, you need to switch to milk ejection mode separately. The piston-type, on the other hand, works by continuously pumping and massaging the breast to achieve continuous stimulation of milk ejection.

Medela belongs to the diaphragm-type and Spectra is a piston-type, so according to their working principles, Spectra is slightly better.

In addition, the suction mode of Medela is deep, slow, and has multiple gears, making it easier to suck out residual milk. Medela breast pumps are more suitable for novice mothers to start with. Their unique dual-rhythm technology makes the pumping process smoother and more comfortable, and their small and quiet appearance is suitable for mothers who need to pump while carrying their baby.

As a medical-grade breast pump, Spectra construction is more complex than Medela's and its size is relatively larger. However, it has high adaptability to many mothers and different scenarios, which has also won the favor of some mothers.

Spectra Breast Pump:


Affordable price

Lightweight and portable

Easy to assemble and use

Includes massage cushion for added comfort

Comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation


Only operates on batteries or with an AC adapter (no option for manual pumping)

May not be as powerful or efficient as some other breast pumps on the market

Some users have reported issues with the suction becoming weaker over time

May not be as durable or long-lasting as higher-end breast pumps

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Medela Breast Pump:


Offers a range of models with different features and price points

Known for powerful and efficient suction

Can be used for single or double pumping

Includes adjustable vacuum and speed settings for customized pumping

Parts are widely available and interchangeable between models


Higher price point compared to some other breast pumps on the market

Some users may find it more difficult to assemble or use compared to simpler breast pump models

May be heavier and less portable than other breast pumps

Some users have reported issues with the suction becoming weaker over time or parts breaking easily

It's important to note that these pros and cons may vary depending on the specific model of the breast pump. Additionally, what works best for one person may not work as well for another, so it's important to consider individual needs and preferences when selecting a breast pump.