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How to clean silicone backflow diaphragm of Spectra?

Women often encounter problems during breastfeeding, such as babies who do not actively suck breast milk themselves, moms' nipples having some problems, or mom still needing to go to work and insisting on breastfeeding. When we encounter these problems, a breast pump can help us solve them. It is said that the competition for mother and child products is fierce, the number of breast pumps on the market is countless, and the quality is also uneven. I used Spectra.  I will share the experience of how to clean or sterilize the Spectra diaphragm. 

The anti-backflow design of the Spectra breast pump has been patented to prevent milk backflow and pollution. This effect is mainly due to the use of professional isolation valves in the Spectra breast pump. The installation of the isolation valve is also very simple. First, find the thin port isolation valve cover, the coarse port isolation valve cover, and the white isolation membrane. Then, place the white isolation membrane flat inside the coarse port isolation valve. Finally, align the thin port isolation valve cover with the coarse port isolation valve cover, and tighten the clamps to complete the installation. The anti-backflow design prevents milk from flowing back to the body, breeding bacteria, and corroding the body.


This is a good design. But how to clear the Spectra diaphragm?

It does not need to wash It every pump. We suggest washing it every 2-3 days. When we get it from the pump, wash it by hand, it’s ok. And then sterilize it.  The Spectra diaphragm is made of food-grade silicone. And silicone can bear temperature. But please do not put the silicone diaphragm at a high-temperature long time. If too long time, it can aggravate the aging of the membrane. 


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