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How to distinguish the quality of silica gel products?

At present, because silicone maternal and infant products have formed an exclusive industry, with the increasing competition in this industry, the market has certain factors in the difference between materials and quality for the price, so the purchase of silicone baby toothpaste must be distinguished from the material and quality, so do you know how to judge the difference!

Is it silicone or plastic or other types of glue?

At present, there are many materials similar to silica gel on the Internet that indicate that they are made of silica gel. The actual production materials are rubber, vinyl, PVC, TPU and other types of glue. Consumers who do not know the material of silica gel are fraudulent. Therefore, when purchasing There are many ways to judge whether the silicone material is safe or environmentally friendly, and can be judged from texture, hand feel, smell, burning, stretching and other methods.

The second is food-grade silica gel or ordinary silica gel. 

Silica gel products are also divided into different grades. For silicone gutta-percha, gas-phase food-grade silica gel is routinely used for production and customization. The difference in ingredients leads to different product life and performance in various aspects of the use environment. The way to determine it needs to stretch the silicone teether to see if there is no whitish fog. If there is no whitish fog, it cannot reach food grade.


Is the silica gel products liquid or solid? 

It belongs to the difference in the production process, and the material form is also different. The silicone material is currently divided into liquid injection molding and solid molding. The difference between the two lies in the material and texture. The liquid texture is better, the appearance is more beautiful, and the parting line is small. The product is naturally favored by consumers, but the production cost is high, the solid-state efficiency is high, the product feel is slightly lower, and there is an obvious parting line, but the raw material and production cost are low, and it is more popular among the public!

Whether to carry out secondary vulcanization, the silicone teether needs to meet the export standards such as ROHS, FDA or LFGB, etc., it needs to be subjected to secondary vulcanization to expel the compounds in the product at high temperature, so as to achieve high-purity silicon molecular components products, so in If the manufacturer does not follow this requirement during the custom processing of silicone gutta-percha, it will be difficult to pass the inspection and certification!