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How to measure your nipple for a good flange fit?

If you need to measure your nipple, you can use a printable nipple ruler to get a good measurement. You can try a circular printable from Pumpables or a printable slider from Maymom. If printing's not your thing, you can consider what I use in a consult by ordering a silicone nipple ruler. I find this gives the most accurate measurement with the greatest ease and comfort for myself and the client - you may find that too! Once you've got yourself a ruler, measure the diameter (the length from left to right) of the base of the nipple, pre-pumping. Then to find your flange size, add 2-3mm* to the measurement you have.

It's really important to measure your nipple for a good flange fit as the ones that come standard in the box aren't always the right size. Everybody is different. You can use a silicone nipple ruler to measure your nipple but what if you don't have that to hand? How can you make a decision on flange sizing without it? I've come up with a UK-based solution, just using some loose change to help anyone who finds themselves without a ruler but needs to make a decision on flange sizing.


We are a professional silicone nipple supplier, and we can make different shapes, different sizes of the nipple ruler according to your design. 

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