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Shenzhen Yingfei Technology is a trusted partner on wholesale silicone products. We have popular diversified silicone products: silicone maternal and infant products, silicone kitchen and household products, silicone pets products, silicone menstrual products, etc. We also provide the oem silicone products service of custom silicone products. YF China silicone products are made of food-grade silicone and can be used with confidence.

YF Wholesale Silicone Products Quality Assurance

  • Raw Material of Liquid Silicone Products

    Raw material random check (hardness, dust and specification check), it will be returned if it’s inconsistent with PO.

  • Mass Production Quality Assurance During Compression or LIM Injection

    Function detection according to customers' requests: not work well, stop and check raw materials or mold structure

  • ≥5%
    Defect Rate Higher Than 5%

    stop production and adjust the machine or improve the mold.

  • Full Inspection During Remove The Parting Line

    Erasable dirt: clean

    Dirty inside and visible: scrap

    Damaged: scrap

    Parting line compares with sample or customer's request of diversified silicone products.

    All quality checks by QC

    Function check and appearance check

  • Quality Random Check

    More defects than customers' acceptable max defects, recheck all the silicone mass products again. And pick up critical defects, and improve the minor defects. Meet customers' quality and packaging requests, then shipping.

Why Do We Choose Diversified Silicone Products?

In addition to the advantages of high and low temperature resistance, easy cleaning, various colors, softness, environmental protection and non-toxic, our wholesale silicone products also have other advantages.
Why Do We Choose Diversified Silicone Products?
  • Electrical insulation performance: silicone rubber has high resistivity, and its resistance value can still remain stable in a wide temperature range and frequency range. At the same time, silicone has good resistance to high-voltage corona discharge and arc discharge, such as high-voltage insulator, TV high-voltage cap, electrical parts and so on.

  • Thermal conductivity: when some thermal conductive fillers are added, silicone rubber has good thermal conductivity, such as heat sink, thermal conductive gasket, thermal conductive roller of copier and fax machine.

  • Radiation resistance: the radiation resistance of silicone rubber containing phenyl is greatly improved, such as electrically insulated cables, connectors for nuclear power plants, etc.

Customization Process Of YF Wholesale Silicone Products

Shenzhen YF Technology Co.,Ltd has 10 years of experience in silicone products processing industry, quality assurance, punctual delivery. YF silicone products company owns mold department, compression & LIM injection production workshop. We also have sufficiently well-trained QC and QA  to reduce our production defect rate and keep the products satisfied before shipment.

Customization Process Of YF Wholesale Silicone Products
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