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Breast Pump Accessories Silicone Breast Inserts 13 15 17 19 21 24 mm

Silicone flange insert, why do we create this kind of product? As a mom, when I back to work and had to feed my little girl, then I choose the breast pump. For a while, when I suck the breast milk. My boobs are red and very hurt. I don't know why. And still, use the breast pump. At last, I had to see the doctor. And know that's because the insert is not my size. 

For this size, it's made of food-grade silicone. It's soft and safe. Mom doesn't worry about it will hurt your breasts.   

You can customize the colors you like for the breast pump inserts.   

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Silicone Breast Inserts Technical Information

TypeSilicone breast pump insert
Featuresoft and BPA free
Packageopp bag

Silicone Breast Inserts Custom Options

Silicone Breast Inserts Custom Options

1. custom the colors of silicone nipple tunnel you need. 

2. custom your logo, printing on the outside or inner part

3. custom package of the flange insert

Silicone Breast Inserts Features

1.  Like 21mm:Durceler 21mm inserts  to compatible with Medela / Spectra / Rainyb / Willow / Momcozy / TSRETE / FEISIKE / Bellababy MiniO / NCVI 24 mm breast shields. It will reduce the 24mm shield nipple tunnel down to 21mm. Also compatible with Freemie 25mm cups to reduce it down to 21mm. Also applicable to most other brands of the models for 24-25mm

2. Great solution for small-nippled mothers using large breast shields, Proper nipple tunnel fit is essential for comfort and efficient milk output. It can be compatible with Spectra and Medela (Freestyle, Harmony, Sonata, and Swing-Maxi pumps) and other brands

3. BPA free, made of silicone material. Durable, clear, and comfortable. This accessory helps breast shields for more effective pumping and maximized milk expression while helping to avoid nipple trauma or irritation.

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