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The medicine dispenser is a necessary medicine feeding tool for 0-18 months old infants. It is mainly aimed at the waste and dirt in the feeding process caused by the struggling and resisting behaviors of the baby at this age, which makes up for the defect of spoon feeding. The medicine can be sent into the baby's mouth with the aid of the medicine feeder.

Why use silicone baby medicine dispenser?

 Feeding medicine to babies is a big problem for many parents. The wrong way of feeding medicine will make baby choke on his throat, and even make the baby feel bad or even resentful about eating. The silicone baby medicine dispenser anti choking drug feeder bid farewell to the syringe, realized single hand extrusion drug feeding, controlled the flow, felt the new experience of easy drug feeding, and opened a new era of extrusion drug feeding.

The silicone pacifier type anti choking feeder is made of excellent silicone material, free of BPA, soft and resistant to biting. It is mostly used in the production of pacifiers and bottles. It is safe to enter and does not harm the baby's health. The squeeze type medicine feeder saves time and effort. With the cute shape medicine feeder, the baby doesn't cry when feeding medicine, and the mother is more relaxed. Just pour a small amount of liquid medicine directly into the soft silicone liquid storage bottle, press with one hand, and easily absorb the liquid medicine, and then you can feed the baby.

How to use the silicone baby medicine dispenser?

Silicone baby medicine dispenser is soft and does not hurt the mouth. It is easy for babies to accept and do not resist taking medicine. Combined with the drug outlet facing both sides, the water does not directly rush to the throat, so as to avoid coughing and choking caused by crying of the baby. The squeeze type drug feeding is operated by one hand, and the flow can be adjusted independently, which is convenient and labor-saving. The silicone pacifier type anti choking feeder can be placed vertically and stably. The base of the liquid storage bottle has anti-skid bumps. The feeder is placed firmly and is not easy to dump and the liquid is not easy to overflow. In the process of use, align your fingers horizontally with the water drop marks on both sides of the liquid storage bottle, and squeeze the liquid storage bottle for drug feeding.

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