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As one of the most professional silicone baby spoon manufacturers and soft silicone spoon suppliers, YF provides high quality baby feeding silicone spoon wholesale. The silicone spoon has a moderate hardness, which can properly relieve the excitement and emotion of children when eating. In addition, it is soft, so there is no need to worry about stabbing the corners of children's mouths, and no matter how you bite, you won't say you will bite. Therefore, there is no need to worry about being swallowed. The silicone spoon is a green wholesale silicone baby product, which must be tested for green safety and environmental protection. Therefore, the food grade silicone raw material platinum sulfide is used, high transparent raw materials are added with a variety of color glue and screen printing technology, which has become a favorite style for children and reassurance for parents. Contact our silicone baby spoon manufacturer now!

How about silicone spoon for baby?

When the baby can eat some solid and semi-solid food with supplementary food, the parents will prepare their special bowls and spoons for the baby. Silicone Baby products are common. Many parents will buy Silicone spoons for their babies. However, is it good for babies to use silicone spoons? However, is it good for babies to use silicone spoons?

When the baby is able to grasp things, eating with a spoon can gradually cultivate the baby's self-care ability. And buying a good-looking spoon will be particularly attractive to the baby. In the material selection of baby spoon, it should be made of silicone. Because this material is relatively soft, it will not cause damage to the baby's immature gums and baby teeth that have just sprouted. In particular, babies often bite, so the use of silicone spoons can protect the baby's mouth, gums and baby teeth.

How to disinfect Silicone Baby Spoon?

1. Hot water disinfection.

Our daily necessities are disinfected with hot water. High-temperature disinfection is a very common method. Do not worry that the soft spoon is not resistant to high temperature, because as long as you use the soft spoon made of silica gel, it is resistant to high temperature. However, for hot water disinfection, it is not allowed to immerse in hot water for a long time, which will reduce the service life of the baby silicone soft spoon, which is unfavorable for the use of the soft spoon.

2. Microwave sterilization

You can also choose to use the disinfection box in the microwave oven for disinfection, and put the baby silicone soft spoon into the disinfection box for heating disinfection. Such disinfection is also safe and harmless.

3. Disinfect with special baby detergent

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