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As one of the professional china baby bibs silicone factories and baby silicone bib suppliers, YF provides high-quality silicone baby bibs wholesale. Silicone bibs, also known as silicone saliva bibs, are made of food-grade silicone, belonging to the category of silicone mother and baby in silicone products. Our silicone bibs wholesale are non-toxic and odorless, and can be used safely! It is generally used to prevent soiling clothes when eating, drooling when children have teeth, etc. YF China silicone bibs are convenient, safe and hygienic silicone baby products. YF china baby bibs silicone manufacturer also offers customized service for different colors and styles of wholesale silicone bibs. Contact and tell us your idea now!

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Silicone baby bibs, food grade silicone, safe and tasteless, easy to clean, can also put snacks at ease. Soft handle, durable and high temperature resistant, folding without leaving traces.

As the silicone baby bib supplier, we have different designs of silicone bibs.We have small MOQ, Custom your logo on silicone bibs:printing, laser or make your logo on the mold. And for the package, make the box, paper card, etc.

Cloth bib and silicone bib, which one is better?

Babies will use Bibs after they start to add complementary foods or learn to eat by themselves. At this point, parents will start to choose Bibs. Choose cloth bib or silicone bib?

If the baby is one year old and the parents have less time, they can use the silicone bib. Because the silicone bib is heavy, using it before the age of one year is not conducive to the development of the baby's neck. And the silicone bib is easy to clean. If parents have less time, they can choose the silicone bib. 

If the baby is young or the parents are diligent and do not mind cleaning and changing at any time, the baby had better use a cloth bib because the cloth bib is light and comfortable. Whether you choose a cloth bib or a silicone bib, you should make a reasonable choice based on the situation of your baby and parents

What are the advantages of silicone Bibs?

1. the unique silicone ribbon design, with a bib shape at the bottom, is used to catch falling food and keep clothes clean

2. suitable for infants, the elderly and the sick. Avoid soiling clothes during meals, convenient and practical

3. soft non-toxic food grade silicone material, suitable for contact with skin

4. YF wholesale silicone baby product is durable, easy to wash, reusable and easy to clean. It can be restored to clean by wiping gently.

5. the silicone saliva pocket is made of soft material, which can be rolled up for collection and easy to carry. It is an ideal bib for meals to make meal time full of joy.

6. it can produce various colors to meet the preferences of different people

7. different styles and shapes can be designed

8. after long-term use, it can be put into the pot for boiling disinfection.

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