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As a professional silicone baby bowl factory, our baby silicone bowl products are made of food grade silicone raw materials. The characteristics of this material are non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection and green; High and low temperature resistance; Anti falling and anti friction; It is also soft and has good heat insulation effect. There are many types of silicone bowls, some with suction bases and some without suction bases. Contact our baby silicone bowl factory now!

How to clean and maintain the silicone bowl?

Although silicone products are resistant to high and low temperatures, it does not mean that they can be used casually. Like sharp objects, you can't touch the baby's Silicone bowl, such as steel wire balls. In addition, you can't touch the acid-base liquid when using it at ordinary times, which is very harmful to the food grade silicone bowl. 

Before the first use of the silicone bowl, it is best to wash it with clean water. Because the silicone product has a little static electricity, it may be stained with a lot of dust during transportation. It can be cleaned with a soft cotton dishwasher or sponge towel. After washing, put the silicone bowl in a ventilated place to dry. Cover it to prevent it from adsorbing dust particles in the air again. Daily cleaning in the future, the oil stains on the silicone bowl can be well removed with detergent.

What are the advantages of silicone bowl?

1. The most obvious advantage of the silicone bowl is that it can withstand a high temperature of 200 °c and maintain its original shape.

2. The silicone bowl is soft, so it can prevent falling. It is especially suitable for children

3. Food grade silicone products have good compatibility with human body, environmental protection, health, non-toxic and tasteless

4. Silicone bowl can diversify the color of silicone bowl, and will no longer face monotonous ceramic bowl every day

5. The silicone bowl has good hydrophobicity, air permeability and anti-aging, which can prolong the service life of the silicone bowl, It is convenient to clean the coating without sticking to the pot, and can reduce the noise during noise cleaning compared with no friction noise

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