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What is silicone high temperature resistant coaster?

The main advantage of silicone material is environmental protection. The quality of silicone coasters is also environmental protection material. The use of tableware coasters also meets the testing standards of the food safety administration. Therefore, there is no need to worry about their use. Compared with other materials, silicone coasters have very good heat insulation, wear resistance, long service life, and are relatively convenient for cleaning due to their good softness. The shape can be designed in a variety of ways.

Common sense of using silicone high temperature resistant Coasters

1. High and low temperature resistance, it can be used in any season.

2. Oil and corrosion resistance, convenient for cleaning.

3. It is made by the process of oil press forming, and the production process is safe and sanitary. It is made of silica gel, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than other materials;

4. The product has good flexibility, is not easy to change its shape, is very firm, and does not deform in any way;

5. Silicone coaster is easy to carry, easy to clean and always bright

Cleaning method for silicone coaster blackening

1. The silicone coaster will become dark due to dirt for a long time, and it can't be washed off even with medium-sized detergent. At this time, we can soak it in vinegar or bleach to remove the dirt easily.

2. Rub with a sponge dipped in salt, so you can easily clean the dirt on the silicone coaster.

3. If it is a small black block on the silicone coaster appearance, you can soak the silicone coaster in the solution of bleach or cleaning powder, and then leave it overnight to remove the dirt.

4. You can also scrub the silicone coaster with toothpaste or broken egg shell, and then rinse it with clean water.

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