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The silicone large drain mat is made of high-quality silicone material, silicone mat is much softer than PVC or nylon drain mat, resistant to high temperatures and can withstand repeated use.

Smooth inner surface, easy to flow and easy to clean.

This silicone dining mat can be folded.

Silicone dish drying mat, different styles, all designs do not occupy kitchen space. The soft silicone material is convenient to clean the stains in the groove. When cleaning, you only need to lift one foot to pour out the accumulated water, so as to prevent the turbulent flow of water from wetting the table. Moreover, the silicone anti-skid can safely hold all kinds of cups and dishes.

Advantages of integrated silicone dish drying rack

In the original space, vacate to create a table that can drain! The washed dishes and chopsticks do not need to be wiped dry manually, but can be directly buckled on the drainage rack, and the residual water will naturally be left in the dishwashing basin.

With the combination of silicone and hardware, the load-bearing capacity can't be underestimated. You can put pots and pans! Drain while washing dishes. 100% make full use of the space on the sink

Dishes, chopsticks, fruits and vegetables can be dried on the drainage rack, and the kitchen will naturally become a lot of space. It's easy to cook and wash dishes.

Good heat resistance: it can be used as a heat insulation pad, and is not afraid of hot pots. One thing can be used for multiple purposes. Protect the table top from burning.

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