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Tubing is made of high quality silicone material, silicone tubing is much softer than PVC or nylon tubing, resistant to high temperatures and can withstand repeated use.

Quality Performance: Light weight, crystal clear tubes,provide excellent resistance to solvents, alkalis and acids.

Smooth inner surface, easy to flow and easy to clean.

The food silicone hose tube can be used for general low pressure industrial, agricultural, chemical, etc., transporting liquids and gases, such as liquid handling, drainage, water and air hoses for aquariums, etc.

Common silicone tubes are: medical silicone tubes, food grade silicone tubes, industrial silicone tubes, silicone shaped tubes, silicone tube accessories.

Medical silicone hose is mainly used for medical device accessories and medical catheters. It adopts bacteriostatic design to ensure safety

Food grade silicone hoses are used for water dispensers, coffee machine diversion pipes, and waterproof circuit protection of household appliances.

Difference between silicone feeding tube and PVC pipe

Silicone tube is also a kind of rubber tube, which is oil-resistant and heat-resistant. Rubber pipes have many applications due to different types of rubber. Common rubber pipe materials include EPDM, Cr, VMQ, FKM, IIR, ACM, AEM, etc. common structures include single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer, reinforced, unreinforced, etc.

The biggest feature of silicone hose is that it is resistant to temperature changes from -60 degrees to 250 degrees, but the cost is very expensive. PVC is often used as ordinary water pipe, which is sensitive to temperature, cheap and tasty. It is suitable for general working environment and has no requirements for hoses. The pressure resistance of pressure resistant silicone hose is OK. PVC is general, depending on the wall thickness and diameter. These are the differences between silicone pipes and PVC pipes.

What if there is water in the breast pump catheter?

Generally speaking, the silicone tube does not need to be disinfected. It is only necessary to keep daily cleaning, and it needs to be disinfected when necessary. When cleaning the conduit, first take out the tube, pour some warm water into the cup, insert one side of the tube into the water and the other side into the mouth, repeat the water absorption several times, and the conduit is cleaned during the rise and fall of the water level.

You can also insert one side of the pipe into warm water, connect the breast pump to the other side, then take out the battery of the breast pump, and put the breast pump on a clean towel. Then insert the battery and press the sucking mode. The water will pass through the hose to play a cleaning role. After cleaning, remove the catheter and dry it.

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