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Silicone fruit feeder is actually a supplementary food training device for infants and young children. It looks a bit like gum. Put the food the baby will eat into the net bag of fruit feeder, and the baby can chew the silicone fruit feeder repeatedly. In this way, the food the baby eats will be very delicate, so that the baby can try to eat independently at the stage of baby teeth, which can exercise the baby's grasping ability and the ability to chew, suck, swallow, etc.

Is it really necessary to buy silicone fruit feeder for your baby?

After four months, the baby will feel very itchy at the stage of deciduous teeth, and there is more saliva, and the digestive enzyme activity in the body is also relatively high. He will habitually grasp and bite other things, such as clothes, fingers, etc., which is neither hygienic nor safe. The use of biting music can not only avoid this phenomenon, but also exercise the baby's chewing ability. So it is suggested that mothers should buy a silicone fruit feeder for their babies. Anyway, it's not expensive. You don't need to buy a lot. One is enough.

The pouch bag of the silicone fruit feeder is generally divided into different sizes. Mothers can choose the one suitable for baby according to the baby's age.

Notes for using silicone fruit feeder

1. choose a suitable model. Babies of different ages should use different models of silicone fruit feeder. Silicone fruit feeder pouch bag is available in small, middle and large sizes. The best silicone fruit feeder is selected according to the actual needs and age of the baby. 

2. there are many kinds of food materials that can be put into silicone fruit feeder when multiple silicone fruit feeder are used together. When purchasing, buy two or more to use alternately, so that the same kind of food materials can be put into a fixed bite music without any change in taste, so as to ensure the freshness, delicacy, health and safety of the food materials. 

3. do not cut the food too finely. The filter screen of the bite net bag has a small hole of appropriate size, which can ensure that the baby can eat delicate food. Therefore, when preparing the ingredients for silicone fruit feeder in advance, it is convenient to put them in. There is no need to cut them too finely. 

4. replace the silicone net bag in time. As silicone fruit feeder baby needs to use it every day, repeatedly putting different ingredients, boiling and disinfection after use, and the baby chews it for a long time will reduce the service life of silicone fruit feeder. Therefore, replace the new silicone net bag in about 30 days.

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