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Silicone Maternal and Infant Accessories

Silicone duckbill value, silicone flange insert, they needs to be replaced each 1-2 months. Otherwise, it is possible to breed bacteria. And for silicone flange insert, we have different sizes:15mm, 17mm,19mm, 21mm. YF silicone supplier have different shapes, sizes of duckbill value and flange insert in stock. Also welcome custom your design. 

Silicone Maternal and Infant Accessories Wholesale

Custom silicone maternal and infant accessories manufacturer, we care about the moms who is in feeding of journey and have to work. We developed silicone duckbill valve for breast pump, silicone flange, silicone insert, silicone backflow protector/membrane, silicone nipple ruler.All of them are used on the pump and protector moms' nipple. 

We developed those items by ourself. And they are all in stock. And we accept custom colors, packages, and designs. 

We use the LFGB standard silicone material, not FDA standard silicone. It's better and high quality.

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