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Silicone Mother's Lactation Products

mother's lactation products are made of food grade silicone. Silicone breast care cushion can simultaneously push the breast around the breast during the process of milk collection to make milk secretion smoother, Easy to clean and disinfect: the milker can be disassembled and disinfected in a whole group, clean and free of dead corners

YF manufacturer supply silicone breast milk cup, wearable silicone breast pump, custom your package or logo.

Silicone Mother's Lactation Products Wholesale

Custom silicone mother's lactation Products Manufacturer,silicone breast milk collector, silicone breast milk storage bag, silicone breast pump, clients can custom custom logo,  custom color,custom printing, custom package.

Our diversified silicone products are made of food grade silicone. As required, we also can supply medical grade silicone lacation products.

Caring for mothers and nursing.

YF Silicone Products
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