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Silicone Nasal Aspirator

Baby nasal aspirator is a widely used tool with simple operation to aspirate foreign bodies in the nose of children. If a child has a foreign body in his nose and it is difficult for adults to take it out with their hands, these tools can be used for auxiliary help. However, more attention must be paid to the selection of this tool. Improper selection of materials and improper use may stimulate the child's respiratory tract, causing respiratory tract choking and irritation, or even lead to rupture of nasal mucosa, resulting in bleeding.

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How to choose a nasal aspirator for your baby?

The types of baby nasal aspirators are pump type, electric type, suction type, etc. The pump type is relatively small and easy to carry, but the suction is not easy to control, and the suction head is relatively long and thin, so the baby is easy to stab when moving around. Electric operation is simple, but there is noise, which is easy to affect the baby's mood. The suction nasal aspirator can prevent countercurrent. The suction is controlled by the mouth of the parents. It is easy to master and easy to use. It is recommended that the mother choose this type.

The baby's nose is very delicate. If the material of the suction head is not good, it will damage the nasal mucosa. When selecting a nasal aspirator, you should choose one that is very soft, non irritating, safe and environmentally friendly. Good materials in the market are generally soft silicone, safe and healthy, and suitable for infants.

How to use baby nasal aspirator correctly?

For the correct use of baby nasal aspirator, it is necessary to make preparations before nasal aspirator. Choose the correct operation method according to the type of nasal aspirator. Because the baby's nasal mucosa is too delicate, the action must be gentle.

1. soak a hot towel in warm water, screw the water clean, and then apply hot compress to the nose. Dip a small amount of water with a small cotton swab to wet a small part of the nasal cavity, not too deep.

2. dip a little warm water with a cotton stick to shake off the water drops, so that the baby can breathe in. Gently wet the outer third of the nasal cavity. Be careful not to be too deep to avoid causing discomfort to the baby

3. when using the nasal aspirator, Mommy should first hold the ball of the nasal aspirator to discharge the air from the soft capsule, and hold it tightly

4. gently fix the baby's head with one hand, and gently put the nasal aspirator into the baby's nasal cavity with the other hand.

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