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Silicone Pet Bowl/Plate

As one of the professional silicone dog bowl suppliers, YF provides high quality silicone pet food bowl wholesale at good prices. When we take our dogs on trips, we can only feed them by hand because we are not allowed to carry food bowls; It is inconvenient for dogs to drink water, and they are easily infected by bacteria; Therefore, it is very important to choose a good bowl for dogs' health. The silicone pet bowl is born for convenience and health. It takes care of dogs' health and facilitates dogs' healthy travel. Contact our silicone pet bowl supplier now!

Advantage of Silicone Pet Bowl/Plate

1. easy to carry. This advantage is the greatest advantage. The word "fold" can be seen from the name. It can also be seen from the above figure that they are very different when used and not used. We can imagine the application scenarios. For example, when we want to take it with us when we go out, is it very convenient to carry it!

2. small land occupation. When we travel, we often need large bags and small bags. This silicone folding bowl can be folded to cover a small area, so it does not need to be stored in such a wide place.

3. light weight. Do our commonly used bowls usually weigh several Liang, while a large silica gel folding bowl is only dozens of grams. Is this comparison a great advantage.

4. it cannot be broken. Silicone products have outstanding advantages due to the advantages of silicone collagen materials. One of them is that they are resistant to falling, unlike traditional bowls that break when they fall.

Do silicone pet bowls need disinfection?

Many people have a misunderstanding about whether the dog's bowl needs cleaning. They think that every time the dog licks the bowl after eating, they think the bowl is clean, so they don't have to wash it. Some people don't even wash the bowl for the dog once a few months.

Usually dogs have diarrhea, which is probably caused by not cleaning and disinfecting the dog's bowl on time.

It is most appropriate to clean your pet's bowls and basins as often as you clean your own bowls and chopsticks every day.

After each meal, pets use special cleaning cloth and detergent to clean the tableware, which can thoroughly wash away the potential bacteria.

In addition to the daily normal cleaning, thorough and comprehensive disinfection should also be carried out once a week. Use the special disinfectant for pets, soak and clean the bowls and basins, and dry them before giving them to pet.

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