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Silicone Pet Hair Remover

There are many kinds of pets, but most of them are pet cats and dogs. They all have one thing in common, that is, they have a thick layer of hair, and pets will lose their hair according to their age or other reasons. Do you feel that a lot of hair at home looks uncomfortable? The silicone pet hair roller products such as the silicone pet brush glove fur remover specially designed as a very practical product for this kind of problem - pet hair remover, which can remove the hair that is about to fall off from the pet in advance, so that the ground will not look so upset!

How to use pet hair remover?

1. Buy this pet hair polisher to check if it is broken before using it.

2. Groom pets when they are happy or want to play

3. Don't use too much force to groom your pet, especially the pet's belly, because this silicone hair remover also has a massage function. Pets will enjoy your grooming very much, and too much force will hurt the pet and run away.

4. It can be finished by putting the pet hairs together and throwing them into the garbage can. Because, unlike a comb, this hair puller will not fall off one by one. It's a ball when you roll it down! Very easy to handle.

5. Silicone pet hair roller is made of silicone which is soft and can also adjust the hardness as soft as the skin, so as to avoid the pet skin being cut.

Advantage of silicone pet hair remover

It is convenient to clean. Every product should be cleaned after a long time of use. Pet products are the same. Silicone pet hair remover product also need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they will be ugly if they are dirty. In addition, some pets have to sleep with people, and it is certainly worse if they are dirty. Other pet products may not be easy to clean after they are dirty, such as greasy dirt and small pits. It is very difficult to clean them because they are not soft, This will not happen to silicone pet hair remover products. First of all, silicone pet hair remover products will not be stained with oil, and the soft recesses can be turned over for cleaning because they are soft. After long-term use, silicone pet hair remover products can also be boiled in boiling water for cleaning and disinfection!

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