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In order to get rid of their baby's habit of biting their fingers, many mothers will buy Silicone Baby teether. When babies see the silicone teether, they will feel curious and want to take it. Moreover, the silicone teether toy is soft and feels very flexible. They can't help biting it in their mouth. With such a small toy, the baby can play for a whole day. Mothers do not worry about the baby biting their fingers and toes, but also make time for other things. In addition, if your baby feels itchy during tooth growth, you can also use silicone teether toy to grind your baby's teeth, so that your baby's teeth are not so itchy, and you can also treat some discomfort caused by long teeth. With this silicone teether toy, parents don't have to worry about the bad habit that babies like to chew everywhere. It can reduce a lot of trouble for parents. It can not only help the baby, but also be used as a toy. It is really a dual-purpose thing.

How to use silicone toothbrushes for infants?

When children grow teeth, many parents will choose to brush their children's teeth. However, adult toothbrushes are very hard for infants. If children brush their teeth forcibly, it may lead to bleeding of their children's gums. Therefore, it is necessary to buy toothbrushes specially used by infants. For example, silicone toothbrushes are one of them. 

1. You can't brush your baby's teeth before the baby's teeth have grown up, because the child can't cooperate well at this time, and there is no need to brush his teeth. When the baby's teeth have grown up, they basically take rice as the main food. At this time, you can brush your teeth, and you need to choose an appropriate toothbrush.

2. The brush head of the silicone toothbrush is generally very soft and very suitable for infants. When brushing teeth, it is best to buy a professional baby mouthwash. After rinsing, brush the children's teeth for no less than three minutes. In addition, pay attention to protecting the children's gums. Do not excessively clean the children's gums to avoid bleeding.

3. When brushing your child's teeth, start from the lower teeth, and then the upper teeth. You should brush them inside and outside. After brushing your children's teeth, don't give them too sweet food, especially sugar, which is very corrosive to the teeth.

When baby can use the silicone teether?

It depends on your baby's personal situation. It can be used when your baby is 3 to 4 months old. Silicone teether is not necessary, and there is no clear definition. If you need to use silicone teether, you can see if your baby has drooling, itchy gums, or the symptoms of eating hands all the time. If you have it, you can use silicone teether toy or silicone molars for your baby. Silicone teether toy, also known as tooth grinding stick, tooth grinder, tooth fixer and tooth sharpener, is mostly made of safe and non-toxic silicone, and some of it is made of soft plastic, which can massage the gums. By sucking and chewing the silicone molar, the baby's eyes and hands can be coordinated, thus promoting the development of intelligence. Theoretically, when the baby is frustrated, unhappy, tired, sleepy or lonely, he can obtain psychological satisfaction and security by sucking pacifiers and chewing teether toys.

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