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Kitchenware Silicone Products

Every household is inseparable from the company of kitchen utensils for three meals a day. With the development and innovation of living standards and industrial reform, the tableware used for daily meals has become a variety of daily necessities, and more and more materials are used. And technology gradually flows into it, and silicone tableware is now widely used in many and gradually popular.


As a new type of kitchen utensils, silicone kitchen utensils have the advantages of softness and no damage to the non-stick coating, so they are widely used around the world. Compared with plastic kitchen utensils, which are not heat-resistant, silicone kitchen utensils can withstand high temperatures of 200 ° C and maintain their original shape. In the future, this new type of silicone kitchen utensils is likely to replace traditional iron kitchen utensils and be accepted by consumers all over the world.

In terms of products, kitchen utensils need to be free of bisphenol A, and can achieve safe and environmentally friendly food-grade materials. The requirements for raw materials require experience to judge whether the material can reach safe food grade, and whether the finished silica gel product has been treated with sulfuration and degradation components. When choosing a silica gel supplier, you need to judge their materials. If you don’t know the material, you can Designate a third-party testing agency to test the material.

Raw materials are on the one hand, production and processing are equally important, whether the production control process and QC testing standards of silicone manufacturers can meet the standards, and secondly, the workshop processing environment and the ratio of defective and production efficiency can determine whether suppliers can cooperate with the response rate. to meet your requirements.