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The Safety and Use of Silicone Place Mats

Place mat is an item that can protect and decorate the dining table. The placemat is beautiful and diverse in color, which is close to people's life. It has strong friction to prevent glass and porcelain cups from slipping, and can also protect the table from scalding. Silicone dinner mat is a new and popular placemat, the material is environmentally friendly and has strong heat insulation. So what about the safety of silicone place mats? What are the uses of silicone place mats?

Ⅰ. Are food-grade silicone place mats safe and reliable?

Silicone placemats are generally made of food-grade silicone. Food-grade silicone products have been widely used in infants, medicine, daily necessities, consumer electronics and other fields. Moreover, if you want to sell it in the market, you must pass the GB food-grade safety certification, and European and American countries must also pass the inspection and certification of FDA and SGS.

The various unique shapes and exquisite logo patterns of silicone place mats can be customized according to your preferences. Silicone has excellent characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, stable chemical properties and soft texture, which cannot be achieved by other materials. The ever-changing silicone place mats can be applied to various occasions, and the environmentally friendly and safe silicone place mats are very popular among people. We all know that silicone place mats are tableware that can protect and decorate the table. The colors of silicone place mats are beautiful and diverse, and they are closer to people's lives. The placemat itself has strong friction, which can effectively prevent glass and porcelain cups from slipping, and can also protect the tabletop from being scalded.

Ⅱ. What are the uses of silicone place mats?

Specifically manifested in the function of the placemat, the silicone placemat has the following functions:

1. Protect the tablecloth: protect the tablecloth from oil stains, stains, etc., especially for cotton tablecloths, using placemats can completely avoid the trouble of not being easy to clean. The placemats are easy to replace and take care of.

2. Heat insulation and sound insulation function: prevent the table from being scalded or the tableware being scratched by the tableware.

3. Anti-slip function: Another function of the silicone placemat is its effective anti-slip and shock-proof function, which can effectively prevent the tableware on the table from slipping at will, and reduce accidents such as tableware falling and damage.

4. Water absorption function: There are tiny suction holes inside the PVC placemat, which can absorb a small amount of water sprinkled on the place mat, so that the tableware is in a clean environment.

5. Appreciation function: The style, color and design style of the printed place mat can reflect the fashion and cultural taste of the owner.