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What are the advantages of silicone bibs?

Because bibs are necessities that many children will use when eating, many parents will choose children's bibs with good materials for their babies. For example, some parents will choose children's bibs made of silica gel for their babies. They think that silica gel bibs have many advantages. So what are the advantages of children's silicone bibs?

It is often seen that some treasure mothers wipe their baby's mouth with a bib at will. The baby will also rub saliva on the bib unconsciously at ordinary times, and often the baby will accidentally eat the bib into his mouth. These details tell us that the bib is a baby product that is very easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is very important for mothers to choose a suitable silicone children's bib.

What are the advantages of silicone bibs

What are the specific advantages of silicone children's bibs:

1. Unique silicone ribbon design, with a bib shape at the bottom, is used to catch dropped food and keep clothes clean.

2. Suitable for infants, the elderly, and sick patients. Avoid soiling clothes during meals, convenient and practical.

3. Soft non-toxic food-grade silicone material, suitable for contact with skin.

4. It is durable, easy to wash, reusable, and easy to clean. It can be restored to clean with a light wipe.

5. Our silicone mouthwash bag is made of soft material, which can be rolled up for collection and is easy to carry. It is an ideal meal bib to make the mealtime full of joy.

The silicone bib is made of food-grade environmental protection raw materials, and the material can be trusted. It is processed and formed by the silicone product manufacturer at a temperature of more than 200 degrees. It is temperature-resistant, waterproof, and oil-resistant, and is very convenient to clean. It can be washed with water and can be used repeatedly. In addition, silicone bibs are now generally designed in 3D, and the grooves can easily hold the food by the china silicone baby bibs supplier. This design takes up more space than cotton when storing. In addition, silicone can also be used as other silicone products besides bibs.