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What Are the Styles of Silicone Baby Teether Beads?

Silicone baby teether beads introduction

Silicone baby teether beads, also known as silicone teething sticks, teethers, chew toys, and gum massagers, are made of food-grade silicone and come in various designs such as fruits, animals, pacifiers, cartoon characters etc. They have the function of massaging the gums. By sucking and biting on the teething beads, children can promote eye-hand coordination, which in turn helps in the development of intelligence. From the past habit of biting fingers to the later use of teething beads, there have been various materials like soft rubber, wood, PVC, etc. Nowadays, silicone material teething beads can be said to dominate the market, occupying most of the market share. So what are the styles of silicone baby teether beads in such a huge market?

Styles of silicone baby teether beads

  • Cartoon style: This is the best-selling style, which is loved and accepted by most people because of its simple and understandable design. It is very popular with parents and children.

  • Simple style: This style is mainly suitable for infants in their early stage of life. Infants at this age do not have the ability to choose, anything they can play with is fine, and the advantage of this type of silicone baby teether bead is that it is cheap.

  • Multi-color style: As babies grow up, they gradually understand colors and have a certain understanding in choosing teething beads. The multi-color silicone baby teether bead is obviously their first choice.

  • Fruit style: The fruit style silicone baby teether bead was designed a few years ago to introduce babies to various types of fruit and help them grow without worrying about losing their teeth.

  • Toothbrush style: Babies who use this type of silicone baby teether bead are generally larger in size, and it is mainly used to promote tooth growth and even clean residual food debris on the teeth while biting the teething bead.

  • Hand glove style: Silicone is installed on a teething bead like a hand glove to prevent babies from biting their fingers when there is nothing to chew on. It is also an essential style for mothers.

  • Wristband style: Sometimes when going out, it is possible to forget to bring the precious teething beads for the baby. This silicone baby teether bead is a good solution to this problem, as it can be worn on the baby's wrist before going out, preventing the worry of forgetting.