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What's Silver nursing cup

A silver nursing cup, also known as a silver nursing or breastfeeding cup, is a traditional breastfeeding aid that has been used for centuries. It is a small cup made of silver or silver-plated metal and is designed to collect breast milk while nursing or expressing.

The silver nursing cup has a curved shape that fits over the breast, with a spout or a small hole for milk to flow into the cup. They are used to catch any excess milk that may leak from the non-nursing breast during breastfeeding, preventing it from being wasted and allowing the mother to collect and store the milk for later use.

In addition to their practical function, silver nursing cups are often seen as a decorative and sentimental item. They can be engraved or adorned with ornate designs, making them popular as heirlooms or gifts for new mothers.

It's worth noting that while silver nursing cups have a long history of use, modern breastfeeding practices and equipment have evolved, and there are now various other tools and techniques available to assist with breastfeeding and milk collection, such as breast pumps and milk storage bags.

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