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Who can produce Medela yellow membrane?

Silicone membrane, we can also call it an anti overflow valve or diaphragm. For Medela membrane, it has another name: yellow membrane. Why we call that, because of its color is yellow. 

Medela yellow membrane, we know that in Europe market, customers need to buy the whole set of the part, silicone membrane and plastic parts. The silicone membrane needs to replace, not the whole set. Where to buy the silicone membrane? 

Silicone membrane

We are silicone products factory, we can develop the silicone products according to clients design, and we also develop products by ourself.  And now we have duckbill valve with pull tag, silicone flange insert, silicone nipple ruler, silicone membrane for Medela, Spectra, etc. 

If you have your design, welcomed.   Whatsapp:008618718866645