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  • What's the grade of our materials?

    All of our silicone raw materials can pass FDA testing, in addition, we also have the raw material of LFGB standard, medical grade and some other special silicone raw materials. BTW, we can also offer platinum silicone processing, secondary cure with our raw materials. 

  • What's the actions we take to guarantee the quality

    Step 1: Quality Control During Mold Baking;

    1. Take semi-finished product from molding container;

    2. Check the products` appearance and function; 

    3. Report the defects to manager;

    Step 2: Full Quality Check During The Parting Line Remove

    1. Check the appearance and function;

    2. Remove the parting line and clean

    3. Check again for the parting line; 

    4. Put into semi-finished container;

    Step 3. Full Check After The Parting Line Remove

    1. Check the appearance, include the dust, broken

    2. Check the function;

    3. Report the defect rate to manager;

    Step 4: Rnadom Check Before Package

    1. 10% Random of full products for quality checking; 

    2. Report the defect rate to manager;

    Step 5: Live video of random quality check with customers before loading; 

    1.Customer can choose random cartons through live video; 

    2.We open the box, and confirm the quality with customer by live video.

  • How do design the 3D model/techinical drawings?

    We have professional structure design engineer, customer offer their draft or idea to us, we can transfer it to 3D model, and offer the mold structure before mold building, guarantee for the final products are suitable.

  • What's the lead time of samples?

    After confirm the mold structure, we can build the samples mold within 7 days, and offer samples for reference. 

  • Whether can the samples be modified after mold building?

    We have our own mould building department, once customers need improvement, we will offer the best and quickest improvement solutions for customers, then modify the mold according to customers request.

  • How about the progress of silicone products? Which stage is the silicone products in now?

    We offer live video service, customer just need to load an app through mobile phone, then they can see the progress from mold building, production, quality check and package fully and clearly.

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