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As a member of the family, we take care of pets in our daily life and hope to give them the best, YF silicone products factory offer silicone pets products from silicone pets bowl, silicone plate, silicone mats, to silicone pets shoes, silicone hair remover and even Pet poop bag. Why so many pets products are made of silicone? Because they are tasteless, fall resistant, soft and easy to clean. 

YF Silicone Pet Supplies Advantages

  • Foldable Storage

    Many YF silicone pet supplies can be foldable. Then you can take them with your pets for travel.

  • Convenient Cleaning

    Silicone pet products will not be stained with oil, and they are soft. Small recesses can be turned over and cleaned. Because they are soft, silicone pet products after long-term use can also be boiled, cleaned and disinfected in boiling water.

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