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Silicone Baby Feeding Set

Advantages of Silicone Baby Feeding Set

  • Silicone bib silicone product silicone has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, good elasticity, etc.;

  • Silicone bib silicone products have the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, etc., and can be used for a long time;

  • Silicone bib The silicone product has a smooth appearance and strong hand feeling, which is a real green environmental protection product;

  • For silicone bib silicone products, you can do single-color, double-color, three-color and other color mixing;

  • The LOGO on the silicone bib silicone product jewelry can be text, pattern or a combination of text and pattern;

  • Silicone bib Silicone products are very environmentally friendly, and they are the favorite of white-collar workers, hipsters and leaders.