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Silicone Dog & Cat Toys

YF provides silicone cat toys and silicone dog toys wholesale at good prices. One thing pet products have in common is that they are all in direct contact with pets, so the materials of these products are required to be non-toxic and hygienic. In particular, some pet toys should be bitten by mouth, so the requirements are even stricter. Our silicone toys for dogs and cats are made of silicone that matches the standards.

What are the advantages of silicone dog & cat toys?

Some pets, such as dogs, are very destructive. They use some supplies, most of which are toys. It is required that the materials are not easy to damage, or they will break down in two days after buying, which is too wasteful.

Some pet products like pet collars and hair brushes require soft materials because they often need to contact with the pet's skin, otherwise it will easily wear the pet's skin.

Moreover, all the above pet products are required to be easy to clean. Otherwise, they are not only unsightly, but also easy to cause pet illness.

Silicone material is a material that meets all the requirements of the appeal. Silicone material is highly inert, non-toxic and hygienic. The material is soft and the hardness can be adjusted according to the demand. Not easy to break and bite. Easy to clean. Finally, the color and shape can be adjusted at will, which makes it easier to win the favor of pets.

How to clean silicone dog and cat toys ?

1.Clean with water: Use clean water to clean silicone toys directly

2.Use warm water with soap water, and then clean those corners with a toothbrush. If you think it is dirty, you can also soak it in white vinegar for 15 minutes to strengthen the disinfection effect. Of course, the effect of veterinary disinfectant will be better

3. Disinfectant cleaning: Use 84 disinfectant and soak the silica gel in 84 disinfectant for a while.

4. Washing powder cleaning: Use an appropriate amount of washing powder, soak the silicone toy in water with washing powder, and wait for 30 minutes to start cleaning.

Please pay attention when drying: the best way is to dry it and put it in a cool and ventilated place, waiting for it to dry naturally.

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