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Silicone Breast Pump

The silicone manual breast pump is a tool mainly used for passing and sucking milk. New mothers have difficulty in milking due to the blockage of breast duct. The blockage can be removed by using silicone manual breast pump; The silicone manual breast pump is very simple and practical in operation. As a trusted silicone breast pump supplier, we understand the challenges faced by new mothers when it comes to milk expression. Our high-quality silicone manual breast pump for sale is designed to provide a solution for blocked breast ducts, facilitating effective milk flow. Contact us today, and get the compectitive wholesale silicone breast pump price list!

  • ladybug breast pump
  • ladybug breast pump

How to use silicone breast pump?

The manual breast pump can manually control the appropriate suction force according to the physical condition, and has no noise when used.

1. Cleaning the breast pump: first disassemble the breast pump, carefully clean it with clean water from inside to outside, and then boil it with boiling water for disinfection. Pay attention to the gentle action during cleaning, and use soft cleaning tools to avoid scratching the surface of the breast pump and affecting the reading of the scale;

2. Clean the breast: apply a hot towel to the breast, and wash the nipple with warm water to keep the nipple clean

3. Adjust the breast pump Cup: cover the breast with the breast pump cup mask, adjust the angle to make the breast pump fit perfectly with the breast, gently press and pinch the middle and lower parts of the bottle body to generate suction, and the milk can flow into the bottle;

4. Appropriate collection: when the appropriate amount is collected, stop pressing the bottle body, and stop collection when the milk secretion stops. The collected milk should be poured into the bottle for the baby to drink, or put into the refrigerator for safekeeping.

What are the advantages of using a breast pump?

1. Help dredge the breast and open the milk as soon as possible. Early weaning, the baby can eat colostrum in time, instead of using milk powder first.

2. By sucking out milk, we can clearly know the milk yield, and also determine the baby's milk consumption per meal. We can see that our baby is growing in milk consumption. Avoid choking the baby with too much milk or the baby is not full with too little milk.

3. Every time the baby sucks, it will not take too long. Sucking is effective and will not develop the habit of biting the nipple to sleep.

4. Avoid the baby sucking the breast. Each time, he can only eat the front milk, but not the nutritious back milk.

5. The mother doesn't have to feed her baby anytime and anywhere. She doesn't have to keep the same posture for a long time, which makes her back ache and legs ache.

6. The baby is not easy to grow milk moss and will not get wet

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