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What is the duckbill valve of the breast pump? This is only a very small accessory on the breast pump, but it is a crucial accessory. Without this silicone duckbill valve gadget, the electric breast pump will lose its function of sucking. Silicone duckbill valve, this small accessory, the size of ordinary breast pump and hand-free breast pump is different.

How to install silicone duckbill valve for breast pump accessories?

Almost all lactating mothers have a breast pump in their hands. Some need to use the breast pump to stimulate milk secretion because they have little milk. Some are just the opposite. Because there is too much milk, it causes siltation and milk blockage. They need to use the breast pump to help discharge milk. Some mothers have to use the breast pump because they are office workers and need to carry milk to work. Breast pump helps mothers solve so many problems, but how to install it when they first buy it?

No matter which parts of the breast pump are installed, ensure that each part has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before installation to ensure hygiene and safety. When installing the duckbill valve, first insert it into the bottom of the breast pump, then organize the bottle onto the breast pump and tighten it counterclockwise. Then, assemble the pull rod onto the silicone valve and ensure that the installation position is correct. Finally, put the silicone controller valve into the breast pump and press it with your fingers until the edge is firmly fastened.

Is the silicone duckbill valve of breast pump universal?

Many of the silicone duckbill valves for breast pumps are common both at home and abroad. However, it does not mean that all breast pumps use a silicone duckbill valve. Because of the different breast pumps in the market, the sizes of the silicone duckbill valves used in the hands-free breast pumps and ordinary breast pumps are very different.

Shenzhen Yingfei Technology Co., Ltd. has different styles and sizes of duckbill valves. Our duckbill valve is applicable to many different types of breast pumps with different sizes. We also have the silicone duckbill valve on the hand-free breast pump.

At the same time, many of our silicone duckbill valves can be customized in color and packaging.

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