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Can silicone bibs cause rash?

Due to the improvement in living standards, the silicone mother and baby products in the country have to be paid attention to. The bib is a very widely used category in daily life. However, with long-term contact with the body, many consumers are wondering whether they will really be allergic to their skin like other products.

Can silicone bibs cause rash

In terms of consumer psychology, Trajectory Aoshizhong belongs to rubber and plastic chemical materials, which are mixed with various composite materials, so consumers suspect that it is due to chemical reactions that cause skin allergies. From the data of major testing institutions, Trajectory Ao products are completely non-toxic and odorless organic silicon compounds. Because silicon is an inert element, it is difficult to react with other substances. So the products made of silicon do not conflict with other substances. Even if you swallow it into your stomach, it will not be dangerous. Moreover, it is not easy to dissolve and has been adopted in the medical field.

It can also be proved by many testing institutions that silica gel is a completely harmless and non-toxic material. It can pass many tests and certifications such as the US Food Grade FDA and the EU ROHS. Silicone baby bibs made of this material generally do not cause eczema, and the silica gel material has been widely used in the mother and infant industries. It can still be used normally in a high and low-temperature environment, so it can be used safely. So silicone bib won't cause a rash.

When you choose the Silicone bib for your baby, avoid using bibs that are too tight or that rub against the skin, and make sure the bib is from professional baby silicone bib suppliers. YF is confident that you will be thrilled with the quality of our BPA-free products and the level of service we provide. Contact us today to learn more about our silicone bibs wholesale products and services.