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Do I need to wash silver nursing cup before use?

es, it is advisable to wash silver nursing cups before their initial use. Washing the cups helps remove any potential manufacturing residues, dust, or contaminants that may have accumulated during the production and packaging process. Additionally, washing the cups ensures that they are clean and safe for use during breastfeeding.


Here are general steps you can follow to wash silver nursing cups before their first use:


Use Mild Soap:


Wash the silver nursing cups with mild, fragrance-free soap. Choose a soap that is safe for contact with the skin and does not leave behind any residue.

Warm Water:


Use warm water to clean the cups. Warm water helps in effectively removing any residues or contaminants.

Gentle Scrubbing:


Use a soft brush or your fingers to gently scrub the surface of the cups. Pay attention to all parts of the cups, including any crevices or edges.

Rinse Thoroughly:


Rinse the silver nursing cups thoroughly with clean, running water to ensure that all soap residues are removed.

Air Dry:


Allow the cups to air dry completely before using them. Avoid using towels or materials that may introduce additional contaminants.

Sterilization (Optional):


While not always necessary, you may choose to sterilize the silver nursing cups before use. This can be done by boiling them in water for a few minutes or using a specialized sterilization method. Follow any sterilization guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


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