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Silicone Nipple Rulers for Flange Sizing Measurement Tool

The silicone nipple ruler measurement tool, it's made of high-quality silicone. So it's soft. Don't worry it will hurt your nipples. And there are different sizes of holes on the measurement tool.

New mothers can be confused when choosing the perfect breast pump flange or shield to avoid pain, fortunately, our flange size ruler,  2023 Latest Nipple Rulers, provides all-round protection for new mothers, and help you quickly determine the right & suitable "breast pump flange "or other.

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  • Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurement Tool
  • Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurement Tool

Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurement Tool Technical Information

Type silicone nipple ruler measurement tool
Sizeexist size
Featureone nipple ruler measurement tool with different holes
Packageopp bag/custom package

How to Measure Nipple for Flange with a Silicone Nipple Ruler

A silicone nipple ruler is a simple, effective tool that can help you measure your nipple for the correct flange size. Follow these steps to use a silicone nipple ruler to measure your nipple for a breast pump flange:

1. Wash your hands and nipples thoroughly with warm water and gentle soap.

2. Place the silicone nipple ruler against your nipple so that the widest part of your nipple fits inside the raised ring on the ruler.

3. Ensure that the ruler is sitting flush against your skin and that your nipple is centered inside the ring.

4. Gently compress your breast tissue to simulate the tissue compression that occurs when suction is applied during pumping.

5. Examine the fit: If your nipple extends beyond the raised ring, it's too big. If there's a large gap between your nipple and the raised ring, it's too small.

6. Take note of the size indicated by the ruler that fits your nipple. This is usually indicated in millimeters.

7. Compare your nipple diameter to the available sizes of flanges on the market. Choose a flange with a tunnel size that is slightly larger than your nipple diameter.

By using a silicone nipple ruler, you can ensure that you get an accurate measurement of your nipple diameter, which can help you choose the right flange size for your breast pump.

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Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurment Tool Custom Options

1. Customize the colors of the nipple ruler you need.

2. Customize your logo on the nipple measurement card

3. Customize packages of the silicone nipple ruler

Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurment Tool Custom Options
Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurment Tool Features

Silicone Nipple Ruler Measurment Tool Features

1. The new Mama's nipple rulers, help you find the right and comfortable breast pump flange or shield to avoid pain during suction. If you find the right nipple flange, it can promote better milk flow to meet your baby's daily milk needs & and support long-term nutritional needs. And then new mothers will really enjoy the process of sucking and breastfeeding. Let the baby grow up healthily.

2. Please hold our silicone Nipple measuring tool ruler towards the edge on one side of the nipple and observe the size of the nipple by looking in the mirror or taking a picture, or place the nipple in the largest circle you can comfortably fit into so you can comfortably insert without having to force. It is recommended to measure and adjust the flange size regularly and use the nipple measuring tool for the flange to measure each nipple separately.

3. For the nipple ruler measurement tool custom silicone products, our MOQ is 100pcs. 

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