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What Does A Duckbill Valve Do On Breast Pump?

A duckbill valve is a crucial component of a breast pump that serves several important functions:


Suction control: The duckbill valve helps regulate the suction level in the breast pump. When the breast pump is turned on and creates suction, the valve opens, allowing the milk to flow from the breast shield into the collection container. The valve then closes when the suction is released, preventing air from entering and maintaining the necessary suction for effective milk expression.


Prevents milk backflow: The duckbill valve creates a one-way flow system. It prevents the milk from flowing back into the tubing or breast shield once it enters the collection container. This prevents contamination of the tubing or breast pump motor and ensures that expressed milk remains sanitary.


Hygienic closed system: By creating a closed system between the breast shield and the collection container, the duckbill valve helps maintain hygiene. It prevents any external contaminants from entering the milk during pumping and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.


Milk flow control: The design of the duckbill valve allows for controlled milk flow. When the valve is compressed against the breast shield during suction, it opens to allow milk to flow into the collection container. When the suction is released, the valve closes, preventing milk from flowing back.


Overall, the duckbill valve plays a crucial role in maintaining suction, preventing milk backflow, and ensuring a hygienic pumping experience. It helps optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the breast pump by regulating milk flow and keeping the milk pathway clean.


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