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Will pumping hurt if flange is too big?

Yes, if the flange size of a breast pump is too big, pumping can be uncomfortable and potentially painful. When using a breast pump, it is essential to have a properly fitted flange to ensure effective milk expression while minimizing discomfort and potential issues like nipple soreness or trauma.


If the flange is too large for your nipple and breast, the following problems may occur:


Ineffective Milk Expression: A flange that is too big may not create a proper seal around the areola, leading to decreased suction and milk expression. This can result in reduced milk output and longer pumping sessions.


Rubbing and Friction: The flange may rub against the breast tissue or nipple, causing discomfort and even potential abrasions or soreness.


Stretching of the Nipple: If the flange pulls too much of the nipple into the tunnel, it may cause the nipple to stretch and become sore.


Reduced Milk Flow: The improper fit may compress milk ducts, hindering the flow of milk and potentially leading to clogged ducts or mastitis.


To avoid these issues, it is crucial to select the correct flange size for your breast pump. Flanges come in various sizes, and the right fit depends on your nipple diameter and how well your nipple fits into the tunnel without excessive rubbing or pulling.


If you are unsure about your flange size or are experiencing discomfort while pumping, consider consulting a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist. They can help you determine the appropriate flange size and offer guidance on improving your pumping experience while maintaining your milk supply and overall breastfeeding journey.