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Can Silve nursing cup go in fridge and what size to choose of silver nursing cup?

It's generally not recommended to put silver nursing cups in the fridge. The primary concern is that the cold temperature of the fridge can cause the metal to become very cold, and when applied to the skin, it might be uncomfortable for the breastfeeding mother.


If you need to cool or soothe your breasts, there are other breastfeeding accessories designed for this purpose, such as gel pads or breast cooling packs. These products are specifically created to provide relief without the discomfort that can come from using metal directly against the skin when it's very cold.

What size of silver cup should I get?

REGULAR is recommended for breast cup sizes A to C, with an areola diameter of less than or equal to 45mm. XL is recommended for breast cup sizes above C or areola diameter greater than 45mm.