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How do you use a silicone nipple ruler?

A silicone nipple ruler is a specialized tool used in the field of breast surgery and plastic surgery to assist in selecting the appropriate size and shape of silicone breast implants or prosthetic nipples. Here's how you would typically use a silicone nipple ruler:


Tools you'll need:

 Silicone nipple ruler (provided by the surgeon or medical facility).


Prepare the Patient: The patient should be prepared for the consultation or surgery, and the surgeon should have a clear understanding of the patient's desired outcomes and expectations.


Select the Silicone Nipple Ruler: The surgeon or medical professional will have a set of silicone nipple rulers, each with different dimensions and shapes. These rulers are typically made of medical-grade silicone and are designed to mimic the appearance and feel of a real nipple.


Assess the Patient's Anatomy: The surgeon will visually assess the patient's breast anatomy, considering factors like breast size, symmetry, nipple position, and overall breast shape.


Choose the Appropriate Nipple Ruler: Based on the assessment and the patient's goals, the surgeon will select a silicone nipple ruler that closely matches the desired nipple size and shape. These rulers come in various sizes, projections, and areola sizes.


Place the Ruler: The surgeon will place the selected silicone nipple ruler on the patient's breast, aligning it with the existing nipple or the desired location for the new nipple. The ruler should be positioned and adjusted until the surgeon and the patient are satisfied with the appearance.


Assess the Look: Both the surgeon and the patient will assess the appearance to ensure that it meets the patient's expectations in terms of size, projection, and shape.


Discuss Options: If necessary, the surgeon may have multiple rulers available to explore different options with the patient, allowing them to visualize how each ruler affects the appearance of the reconstructed or augmented nipple.


Document the Choice: Once the appropriate silicone nipple ruler has been chosen, the surgeon will document the details of the selected ruler, including its size, projection, and any other relevant information for the surgical procedure.


Proceed with Surgery: If this is a surgical consultation, the surgeon will proceed with the surgical plan, using the information gathered from the silicone nipple ruler to guide the placement of the silicone implant or the creation of the prosthetic nipple.


It's important to note that the use of a silicone nipple ruler is a specialized technique employed in breast surgery to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome. This process allows both the surgeon and the patient to make informed decisions about the appearance of the nipple and areola, contributing to a successful surgical result.