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Newly Developed Nevsil NEVSil LSR and HCR Silicone Rubber By Momentive

At the 2022 K Show in Germany, American silicone rubber manufacturer and supplier Momentive showcased their newly developed NEVSil LSR and HCR silicone rubber product series targeted for new energy vehicles. Their next-generation LTC LSR can cure at extremely low temperatures, making it particularly suitable for thick-walled parts and combinations with temperature-sensitive materials. As a professional manufasturer in oem silicone products, YF will take you on a quick journey into this.

High-temperature resistance is a standout feature of HTHR HCR, which exhibits excellent mechanical performance and compatibility, making it suitable for harsh environments exposed to temperatures below 300°C over extended periods.

Furthermore, Momentive's new NEVSil product line based on LSR and HCR is suitable for a wide range of sealing applications in alternative energy vehicles, including electric cars, hybrid power concepts, and fuel cell technologies. In addition to the typically low compression set, their extensive range includes high-temperature resistance, flame retardancy, self-lubrication, low viscosity, low hardness, fast curing, enhanced crack resistance and aging resistance, good colorability, and thermal conductivity.

NEVSil FR LSR and HCR grades have a Shore A hardness of 35-70 and offer a balance of mechanical properties and excellent heat resistance. Typical applications include connectors and heat-resistant molded components such as gaskets and O-rings. Additionally, the NEVSil product portfolio provides thermally conductive silicone technology in both LSR and HCR products. The NEVSil TC LSR grade is available in 30 and 60 Shore A hardness, while the HCR version offers a thermally conductive solution with a hardness of 60 Shore A. Also, if you want to buy wholesale silicone products, you can contact us for more information.

Other features include Momentive's ability to customize thermal conductivity to meet demanding application requirements while optimizing thermal management characteristics. All grades are easy to process, exhibit high reactivity, and show low compression set even at low temperatures. Typical applications include heat pads, washers, and battery seals.