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Is it Safe for Babies to Use Silicone Dinnerware?

Is silicone dinnerware safe for babies? Silicone dinnerware is a very common silicone product, and there are many types of silicone dinnerware, including cooking utensils, preservation utensils, dessert molds, and so on. Silicone dinnerware is very popular, and since adults can use silicone dinnerware, can babies use it safely?

Understanding silicone dinnerware

One thing for sure is that silicone is indeed a very suitable material for babies. Silicone products are now widely used in various fields and are also essential in daily life. The reason why silicone products can gradually replace glass, plastic, and other materials in various fields is mainly because they are non-toxic and odorless.

And the silicone dinnerware for babies is food-grade silicone products. For example, bowls for eating, nipples for babies, and many other products are made of food-grade silicone. They are lightweight, soft, resistant to falls and high temperatures, non-slip, heat-insulating, non-toxic, odorless, and do not contain BPA, which meet safety requirements.

Choosing silicone dinnerware

Babies are prone to overturning tableware, but there is no need to worry about silicone dinnerware breaking when babies drop them. Even if silicone dinnerware is burned, it will not produce toxic gases but will generate silicon dioxide and water vapor. Unlike plastic, which produces pungent toxic gases at high temperatures. However, some manufacturers, in order to control costs, may replace environmentally friendly odorless vulcanizing agents with ordinary vulcanizing agents, resulting in the insecurity of silicone products.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to discernment when choosing. Usually, food-grade silicone products manufactured by formal manufacturers will have a certification certificate. When purchasing, parents must choose professional brands of silicone products. In addition, parents can also do a simple identification. You can first smell it, and food-grade silicone dinnerware is usually odorless. Secondly, food-grade silicone production tableware has high transparency and will not turn yellow. You can also try to pull the silicone dinnerware. After being stretched, properly manufactured silicone dinnerware will restore to its original shape without any white substance appearing during the stretching process. Finally, after buying it, parents should not rush to use it. It is recommended to boil it in boiling water at high temperatures before using it. Properly manufactured silicone dinnerware is safe, so there is no need to worry too much.