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Tips for Choosing Silicone Dinner Plates

With the rapid development of silicone products, silicone products have generally entered our daily life, especially in kitchen utensils. Among them, silicone dinner plates are relatively common silicone kitchen utensils. So which silicone dinner plate should be selected for lighting?

Ⅰ. About silicone plate

The silicone dinner plate is soft and resistant to falling, which is a good choice to help babies eat independently. Now there are many silicone dinner plates on the market that can be directly adsorbed on the tabletop, which are not easy to be moved and picked up by babies, and the silicone material is not easy to absorb grease, so it is easier to clean.

Ⅱ. How to choose a silicone dinner plate?

1. Security. Safety is the number one consideration when buying silicone dinner plates for your baby. Before buying, parents can check or ask whether the plate has a safety inspection certificate. Generally speaking, the product can see whether the test results in its test report meet the limit requirements of GB4806.11-2016 "National Food Safety Standard Food Contact Rubber Materials and Products", and whether it has passed the US FDA certification, CPSIA Certification or EU LFGB certification, etc.

2. Classification of silicone dinner plates. There are many types of silicone dinner plates on the market. The common ones are divided-format silicone dinner plates, placemat dinner plates integrated silicone dinner plates, silicone suction cup dinner plates, etc.

Compartmental silicone dinner plate, that is, the dinner plate is divided into multiple small grids, which can be used to store supplementary food separately, which is convenient for the baby to eat, and can also reasonably distribute the baby's diet ratio. However, the bottom of some dinner plates does not have the adsorption function, and it is easier for babies to overturn them. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing such dinner plates, parents should try their best to choose dinner plates with suction cups at the bottom or designs with other adsorption functions.

The one-piece silicone dinner plate with placemat and plate can prevent food from being spilled on the table. There is a placemat under the plate, so that the food will not be dirty if the baby accidentally spills it out; the other is that it is convenient for cleaning and cleaning. However, some placemats are not absorbent, and the baby may overturn them; some larger placemats may not match the size of the tabletop of the baby's dining table, and they may not fit in. Therefore, it is best for parents and mothers to measure the size of the tabletop of their baby dining chair in advance before purchasing.

Silicone suction cup dinner plate, that is, the bottom of the dinner plate has a suction cup design, sticking it to a smooth table can prevent the plate from moving or being overturned by the baby. However, some of the suction power is too strong, and it may be difficult for parents to take it off the table. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing this type of dinner plate, you can choose a dinner plate with a suction cup flap design on the bottom for easy access.