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What Are the Specific Features of Silicone Placemats?

What are the functions of silicone placemats? Silicone placemats are dining supplies that can protect and decorate the dining table. Because silicone placemats have strong friction, they also have the effects of heat insulation and anti-slip, effectively protecting fragile items such as glass cups and porcelain bowls, as well as the tabletop. So how much do you know about silicone placemats?

Understanding silicone placemats

Silicone placemats are placemats made of silicone materials, which are widely used offline. Because of its environmentally friendly material, diversified shape, good heat insulation effect, practical and beautiful, bright colors, soft and delicate. It has very good temperature resistance, water resistance, and a unique self-adhesive smooth surface. It has good anti-slip stability and strong decorative characteristics, undoubtedly becoming the focus of placemats and cup mats.

When placing silicone placemats on the table or countertop, they have strong adhesion and are not easy to slide. Even if the table vibrates, tableware and cups will not fall due to inertia. Silicone placemats that have been vulcanized at high temperature are soft and elastic, with better adhesion and stronger anti-slip performance. The dust on the tableware can be directly rinsed with water, and they can be folded and used repeatedly.

The functions of silicone placemats

Silicone placemats are dining supplies that can protect and decorate the dining table. The colors of silicone placemats are varied and can be closer to people's lives. The placemats themselves have strong friction, which can effectively prevent glass and porcelain cups from slipping and protect the tabletop from being scorched. The specific functions of silicone placemats are as follows:

  • Silicone placemats protect the dining tablecloth: Protect the dining tablecloth from oil stains, stains, and other pollution. Especially for cotton tablecloths, using placemats can completely avoid the trouble of difficult cleaning. Placemats are easy to replace and easy to maintain.

  • Silicone placemats have heat insulation and sound insulation functions: Prevent the dining table from being scalded or the tableware from being scratched.

  • The anti-slip function of silicone placemats: Another function of silicone placemats is its effective anti-slip and anti-shock function, which can effectively prevent tableware on the dining table from sliding and reduce accidents such as utensils falling and breaking.

  • The water absorption function of silicone placemats: PVC placemats have tiny pores inside, which can absorb a small amount of water spilled on the placemat, keeping the tableware in a clean environment.

  • The appreciation function of silicone placemats: The patterns, colors, and design styles of printed placemats can reflect the host's fashion and cultural taste.