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What are the breast pump flange cushions?

Breast pump flange cushions are soft inserts or accessories designed to enhance comfort and improve the fit of breast pump flanges during the pumping process for lactating individuals. The flange is the part of the breast pump that comes in direct contact with the breast and nipple, creating a seal around the areola to facilitate milk expression.


Breast pump flange cushions serve several purposes:


Comfort: They provide a soft and gentle surface for the breast to rest against, reducing potential discomfort and irritation during pumping sessions.


Improved Fit: Flange cushions come in different sizes to accommodate varying nipple and breast shapes, ensuring a better fit for effective milk expression and preventing leaks.


Reducing Friction: The cushions can help minimize friction between the breast and the hard plastic of the flange, which can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive or sore nipples.


Encouraging Milk Flow: A comfortable and well-fitted flange can help promote milk flow and potentially increase milk output during pumping.


It's important to note that not all breast pump models have specific flange cushions designed for them. Some pumps come with different flange sizes and materials to cater to various user preferences. However, if you are considering using flange cushions with your breast pump, it's essential to ensure compatibility with your pump model and consult the pump's user manual or manufacturer's guidelines.


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